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Selecting a Stainless Steel Water Bottle // The Right Choice.
22 April 2018

Selecting a Stainless Steel Water Bottle // The Right Choice.

At Stay Sixty®, we feel it's important to select the best materials to create a great product. That's why we chose the highest grade stainless steel available, to not only look great but to also last. Each Stay Sixty® reusable water bottle is beautifully crafted from stainless steel & coated in our rubberised paint to make them super tactile & lovely to carry. However, there are a variety of reasons why selecting stainless steel to construct our bottles was the best choice. 


Stay Sixty® | Stainless Steel Water Bottle


Below are a few reasons why our stainless steel water bottles are better than glass, plastic or aluminium:

  • We use a high-quality food grade stainless steel that lasts and cleans easily, meaning they can be used for juices, smoothies, nutrition drinks and water. This also makes them more hygienic. 
  • Stainless steel gives a premium, quality, look & feel.
  • Steel does not react with your drinks.
  • Our double-walled stainless steel water bottles also help keep drinks fresh, something plastic or glass bottles will not.
  • Steel is sustainable, as it’s the most recycled material on earth.


There are obvious disadvantages of glass water bottles:

  • Glass is far heavier.
  • Glass is a fragile substance that can easily crack or break.


The same can be said for plastic water bottles:

  • Plastic can deteriorate quickly and picks up odours.
  • Bacteria is far less easy to wash out and remove from plastic water bottles.
  • BPA-free plastics can contain chemicals that behave in the same way as BPA.


With aluminium bottles also having their disadvantages:

  • Aluminium bottles are designed to look like steel but are not as robust.
  • To prevent aluminium poisoning they include liners. Those liners degrade over time with use.
  • Aluminium bottles tend to dent easily.


That's why our award winning stainless steel water bottles are the right choice.