We're working on some exciting new updates.
There's More to Come.. A lot More.
06 January 2019

There's More to Come.. A lot More.

It's been an amazing few months for the Stay Sixty® Team. Since our appearance on Dragon's Den, awareness has sky-rocketed - helping bring our mission to reduce plastic waste through design to a far larger audience. We're incredibly grateful for the phenomenal support received. The feedback since the show has been so positive, we couldn't have imagined the amount of sales as a result. We must be doing something right!

We're receiving hundreds of emails every day requesting updates on stock, as we seem to be sold out all of the time. The truth is... We're working on something pretty special - we call this Stay Sixty® Mk II. An updated Stay Sixty® bottle rebuilt from the ground up, allowing us to tackle the environmental issues with both single-use water bottles and coffee cups. 

Great, intuitive, design is at the heart of everything we do. We aim to create the most aesthatcailly beautiful reusable bottle and one that also functions better. That's why the Stay Sixty® Mk II is taking a little longer than expected but we think it will be worth the wait - it's looking amazing, if we do say so ourselves!

We will have a pre-order website available shortly. However, we recommend following our social channels and signing up to our mailing list to keep fully up to date with launch timings. Especially as we can see our initial launch stock selling extremely fast.

There's more to come.. A lot more.

The Stay Sixty® Team.