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What's in a name? Why are we called Stay Sixty®?

Stay Sixty® was born out of the need for regular hydration. The average Adult body consists of 60% water, our aim is to keep it that way in order to be in peak mental & physical condition.

How do I get in touch if I want to stock Stay Sixty® water bottles?

If you would like to stock our reusable water bottles, please email for further information on how to become a Trade Partner. We will require some information about your store and desired order quantity.

How should I dispose of the packaging?

Our outer mail bag and carton are fully recyclable. We use a mail bag to help protect your order, however this is made from a recyclable material. Please dispose of any packaging within the correct recycling bins or methods.

Where are your reusable water bottles designed?

Our stainless steel Stay Sixty® water bottles are designed in London with internationally protected designs. All product designs are internationally protected, copyrighted and fully owned. You may not copy, download, reproduce, modify, publish, redistribute, retransmit, publicly display, publicly perform or create derivative works. Any attempt to copy or reproduce any of our designs will result in legal action.

Are Stay Sixty® water bottles BPA free?

Yes, all Stay Sixty® water bottles are BPA free. BPA is a harmful toxin that is found in certain plastics and epoxy resins used by some disposable and reusable water bottle manufacturers. Those bottles actually leache BPA from the bottle into your water.

Overall, we chose only the healthiest materials for our Stay Sixty bottles because we want to drink from them too.

What's the capacity of the Stay Sixty® water bottle?

The original stainless steel Stay Sixty® water bottle is large enough to take 500ml (17oz) of liquid.

What size is the Stay Sixty® water bottle?

The original Stay Sixty® reusable water bottle is 260mm in height x 70mm in diameter.

What's the best way to clean my Stay Sixty®?

We recommend hand washing your Stay Sixty® water bottle with mild detergent, to help the outer coating feel great for longer. What we can tell you is that it will be a super quick clean with our easy-clean removable base and you won’t have to use a fiddly brush or a jar of elbow grease to to clean it thoroughly.

What is Stay Sixty® made from?

Stay Sixty® is made from 100% BPA-free non-toxic materials. 

- The body is created from Premium Grade 304 stainless steel

- The outer coating is painted from, durable, rubberised matte paint  

Can I easily add lemon or ice-cubes into my Stay Sixty®?

You can indeed. This is another bonus of our removable base. Not only does it make your Stay Sixty® water bottle super easy to clean, it also gives a wide enough opening to add in lemon wedges & ice cubes to freshen up your drinks further. Just remember to screw this back on tightly before use.

What liquids can I fill my Stay Sixty® water bottle with?

We consider Stay Sixty® to be a wellness and hydration brand. We recommend filling your Stay Sixty® with water, juices, smoothies, protein or nutrition drinks. However, do not fill with boiling liquids.

Can I put my stainless steel Stay Sixty® water bottle in the freezer?

No, we don't advise placing your Stay Sixty® in the freezer. Instead, we recommend using very cold water from the tap or fridge. Alternatively, you can place ice-cubes inside via our removable base, screwing back on tightly before pouring cold water into the the spout.

How much does shipping cost?

Please note, the below delivery timings are for pre-order delivery only:

UK tracked 3-4 days shipping from dispatch = £3.49

European Union delivery  = dependant on order size

Rest of the World pre-order delivery = dependant on order size

What should I do if my order hasn't arrived?

Please wait 10 working days before contacting us if within the UK & 14 working days if outside of the UK. If it has still not arrived then please check for a missed delivery slip from the postman and check with any neighbours or safe places where the delivery may have been left. If there is no sign of your Stay Sixty®, please email us directly on