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Meet Andreas Wannerstedt & His Mesmerising 3D Animations.

Stockholm based Artist and Creative Director Andreas Wannerstedt creates gorgeous, hypnotic, 3D sculptures within short-looped animations for the digital-first age. Drawing in the Digital Natives, who scroll their way through Instagram, with beautifully fine-tuned interactions between shape and space - drawing them into his whimsical world of oddly satisfying animations and embracing them with gorgeous colours and smoothly transitioning geometric shapes. 

Creating works for brands such as COS, Ikea, Google, Adidas, Absolut Vodka and Spotify. We learn about his inspirations, sustainability initiatives in Sweden and his approach to creativity at a time where it is more important than ever.

Wannerstedt shares our vision for a more sustainable future - with, considered, sustainable design at the forefront. 

"The numbers you present on oil usage and plastic waste are quite unsettling, and I think a lot of companies can learn from your sustainability initiatives. As you say, we need to change the way people think about products & fashion as disposable, and to do this we need sustainable products that is thoughtfully designed and created with care for both people and the environment. Like your bottles. :)"

With his work designed to hook the digital first generation, where shortened attention spans are becoming a societal norm.

"My art is very much influenced by the modern society and the ways we consume art nowadays with the help of technology and social platforms such as Instagram. In a time where we are flooded with art and visual stimulation, I’ve found that short, animated loops are optimal in order to attract the attention of the viewers. My animated loops has often been described as “oddly satisfying”, and it’s all about the interactions between shape and space. it’s a sophisticated and whimsical portal into the perfect world of physics, movement, and predictability. Inspired by Autonomous sensory meridian response experiences, or ASMR, as well as real world mechanics and motion patterns from our everyday lives, I want to transport my viewers into a meditative state, and to trigger that inexplicable feeling of odd satisfaction we all know. Going against the laws of physics, defying gravity and especially reality, the possibilities are potentially endless."

And you can see the influence of real world physics and architecture in each of his artworks. 

"I draw a lot of inspiration from real world mechanics and physics. We’re surrounded by interesting motion patterns and behaviours in our everyday lives, and most of the time, inspiration comes to me when I’m not in front of the computer. The starting point for a new animation concept usually comes from an object or a motion I see in the real world, but with an abstract twist. When it comes to the visuals, my style is greatly influenced by interior design and architecture, and also visual ASMR, which is quite a new phenomenon trending on the Internet."


With Sweden's progressive approach to sustainability, there are a number of initiatives that find their way into Wannerstedt's everyday life.


"I think there’s a quite high citizen engagement for sustainable living here in Sweden, especially when it comes to purchasing eco-labeled food and recycling waste. More than 99 percent of all household waste is recycled in one way or another, and I think we have the highest percentage of renewable energy in the EU, but don't quote me on that. If everyone started to use common sense that would go a long way. Don’t buy things you don’t need, every purchase impacts our environment."

You can purchase wannersted's favourite Emerald Edition here
"I really like the Emerald, it would be a nice touch of colour to my usual monochrome outfits."
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