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Are we currently fulfilling orders and what are the estimated delivery times?

It's still, very much, business-as-usual and we aim to dispatch all online orders within 24 hours (not including weekends). For, more detailed, delivery information and Covid-19 updates, please visit our 'delivery & returns' tab. 

How do I apply to stock Stay Sixty® reusable water bottles in my store? 

If you would like to become a Trade Partner and stock Stay Sixty® reusable water bottles, please apply via the wholesale tab to the left of the page. Alternatively, please email wholesale@staysixty.com

Are Stay Sixty® reusable water bottles BPA-free? 

Yes, all Stay Sixty® water bottles are BPA free. BPA is a harmful toxin that is found in certain plastics and epoxy resins used by some disposable and reusable water bottle manufacturers. Those bottles actually leache BPA from the bottle into your water.

Overall, we chose only the healthiest materials for our Stay Sixty water bottles because we want to drink from them too.

What's the capacity of the Stay Sixty® Series II Water Bottle? 

The Series Il Stay Sixty® stainless steel water bottle is large enough to hold 500ml (17oz) of liquid.

What are the dimensions of the the Stay Sixty® water bottle?

Our Stay Sixty® reusable water bottle is 260mm in height x 70mm in diameter.

How does the TwistCTRL™ Sip Cap work?

Our all new proprietary & patented TwistCTRL™ is designed to allow ideal liquid flow. It is not designed for chugging but for sipping coffee or hydrating through the day. The body absorbs more water & stays hydrated for longer when sipping water, gulping water simply makes your body want to release it quickly.

A quick semi-twist of the top half of the cap drops the top disc allowing you to comfortably sip through the cap from any angle. Meaning there is no need to remove the cap to hydrate.

How do I operate the TwistCTRL™ Sip Cap?
  • Firstly, ensure the cap is tightly screwed on to the neck of the bottle. The cap is screwed on & off the bottle neck by twisting the bottom half of the cap.
  • Hold the body of the bottle in one hand & simply begin to twist the top half the cap with your other hand to drop the top disc.
  • Aligning the arrows on the top & bottom halves of the cap to fully open the cap. The cap is now open to sip through.
  • Twist the top half of the cap back to its original position to close.
    Does the Stay Sixty® Series II Include the removable base feature from Series I?

    The Series I bottle was designed for water & cold beverages only, with the removable base feature not allowing for sufficient insulation. As we aim to tackle the huge environmental issues caused by both single-use water bottles & single-serve coffee-cups, we wanted to ensure the best possible insulation. We also wanted to completely eliminate the risk of any hot liquid leakage through the base of the bottle - something that was extremely important to us.

    The new Series II Collection includes a far wider neck & electropolished interior for easier cleaning. Our new TwistCTRL™ Sip Cap also comes apart for a deeper clean.

    Where is the Stay Sixty® manufactured?

    As with 99% of reusable water bottles, the Stay Sixty® is manufactured in China. We have taken months to find the ideal Partner & are confident that our bottles are responsibly made to only the highest standards.

    The stainless steel Stay Sixty® water bottle is designed in London with internationally protected designs. All product designs are internationally protected, by patents, protecting various features of our bottles. You may not copy, download, reproduce, modify, publish, redistribute, retransmit, publicly display, publicly perform or create derivative works. Any attempt to copy or reproduce any of our designs will result in legal action.

    What beverages can the Stay Sixty® reusable water bottle hold? 

    The Stay Sixty® Series II water bottle is ideal for water, coffee, tea, smoothies & juices. However, do not fill with liquids over 80° as this causes pressure within the container causing liquid & steam to leak. Do not use with carbonated beverages.

    Is my Stay Sixty® bottle dishwasher safe? 

    We recommend hand washing your Stay Sixty® water bottle. Our reusable bottles are not dishwasher safe. 

    What's the best way to clean my Stay Sixty® reusable water bottle? 

    Your Stay Sixty® should only be hand washed. We recommend using a soft cloth for the exterior of the bottle and long handle brush for interior combined with a mild detergent. For a thorough clean, we recommend using bicarbonate of soda. Whilst each Stay Sixty® is constructed from high-grade stainless steel, helping preserve the flavour & freshness of your beverages, if they are not cleaned regularly it can lead to a slight smell or taste developing. 

    For the deepest clean, we recommend removing the component parts of your bottle (TwistCTRL™ Sip cap, CarryCollar™ & bottle) and soaking them in mild detergent for an hour. This helps deep clean all elements.

    What's the best way to clean the TwistCTRL™ Sip Cap?

    Unscrew the stalk at the bottom of the cap to allow for water to pass through the cap for cleaning. We recommend soaking your cap in mild detergent along with the other component parts for the best clean. Ensure the stalk is fully screwed on, leaving no gap between the cap & stalk when the cap is closed. Not replacing this correctly will result in leaks.

    My TwistCTRL™ Sip Cap has come apart, what can I do to fix it?

    Thankfully, our caps are designed to be disassembled/reassembled for easy cleaning - as per the ‘Caring for your Cap’ section of the instructions supplied within the packaging. This means that your cap will be easy to put back in its correct position if the instructions are followed. If you have misplaced your instructions, please email support at hello@staysixty.com and we'll help get your cap working back to its best again.


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