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Introducing: Stay Sixty® Connect.

As most of us are currently facing this situation from home, we wanted to share ways of staying active, creative and connected. At a time where, by definition, some of us may be feeling isolated - staying mentally and physically active is more important to our wellbeing than ever. 

Apart from staying at home, processing your orders and helping those in need - we still have lots of time in other ways. Stay updated with Stay Sixty® Connect via Instagram, facebook and our Journal. 


Twyla Tharp - The Creative Habit

Stay Creative.

“The Creative Habit” by Twyla Tharp offers more than 30 exercises to help you tap into your creative side and help restore a sense of order and peace by creating rituals, increasing self-knowledge, harnessing memories and organising surrounding spaces.

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Untangle - Mindfulness for Curious Humans - Podcast

Stay Resilient

Sharing practical advice on how we can be more mindful and resilient when faced with health scares. The Untangle Podcast offers ideas on how we might change the way we relate to the uncertainty of this particular experience and to the stress and anxiety it can trigger. Helping us to find the balance — and notice our tipping point — between problem-solving and panic.

London based personal trainer - workouts from home

Stay Fit & Active

London based Bradley Simmonds is one of the few elite level Personal Trainers. Join his free Instagram workouts at 8:00am every morning & 6:30pm every evening - helping you work up a sweat from your living room - @bradleysimmonds

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Best healthy recipes for covid-19

Stay Nourished

Not only a kick-ass cook, Dr Hazel Wallace is also an NHS Doctor & Nutritionist. In otherwords, she's basically Superwoman. Find out the recipes that are helping her stay nourished at this critical time for NHS Staff through her awesome Instagram account - @thefoodmedic

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 Staying hydrating can help in boosting your immune system, so we're here to help with free Climate Neutral shipping in the U.K. Buy the beautifully crafted Series II stainless steel water bottle in Stone here or in Emerald here

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