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Re:Think ft ALTA | Best Vegan Hacks.

We sit down with Melbourne based, lo-fi duo, ALTA as they set to launch their new LP "Reasons". We talk all things vegan and find out their best vegan recipes, as well as their go-to vegan hacks.

Originally from Tasmania, Julian Dowson and vocalist Hannah Lesser have built themselves up to become one of Australia's most unique electronic artists. Bridging the gap between the percussive sounds of UK garage and that trademark Australian house edge with their percussion-soaked, punchy productions combining the comforting vocals of Lesser.

The duo express their emotions with authenticity "We describe our sound as emotional dance music. We love making stuff you can dance to but it always tends to have an emotive sentiment to it."

New album "Reasons" is packed with sultry synths and bass heavy beats, layered with delicate emotion from Lesser's breathy R&B-tinged vocals. "Up until now we've been putting out singles and EPs partly because of the way tracks are consumed online we feel free to take risks and make mistakes without that becoming our identity as weird as that sounds. We're so excited to put out an album because it's like this is the first time we have a larger body of work we're happy with that is true to us."

Alta Music

Both Lesser and Dowson follow a vegan lifestyle. "We've both been vego/vegan for about 12 years. Both different reasons but mainly from the animal welfare perspective. We feel we're lucky to be able to be in a position to make that choice to not eat meat and for us it was like flicking a switch when we saw how easy it actually is to make the change."

ALTA Music | Best Vegan Hacks

Lesser's best vegan recipe is her vegan lasagne. "I make a mean vegan lasagne! I think it's one of those things though that regardless of the quality of the lasagne. When we're in a new city we use the vegan discovery app, Happy Cow."

And the duos best vegan ingredients are:

1) Zaatar (on everything!).

2) Cashew nut cheese.

3) Using dates to make caramel.

The duo also share Stay Sixty's passion for slow-fashion, buying quality less often. "We either shop at charity/thrift shops or save up and purchase a considered piece. We keep a pretty lean wardrobe and give away clothes that we don't wear anymore."

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